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Spear Fishing, Anyone?

The Snowy Egret is a medium size wading bird, a bit smaller than the Great Egret.  Their smaller size enables them to fly more rapidly than the Great Egret and can maneuver more skillfully.  They’re similar in appearance, but the Snowies have long, flowing plumes on the head, neck and back during breeding season.  They are quite graceful in flight and in their walk.

Snowy egrets live and feed in marshes, low coastlines, and tidal flats.  They are skilled in foraging for the big catch sometimes flying over the water watching below or skillfully walking in the water in pursuit of the feast.  Unlike other wading birds like the Great Egret or herons which wait quietly for their catch, the Snowy Egrets are out actively hunting, moving about in the water stirring it up.  Their sharp bills make them accomplished spear fishermen for they rarely go hungry.

So, if spear fishing is your sport, buddy up with a Snowy Egret for the prize.

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