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Squirrels Have to Eat, Too!!

I don’t really care for squirrels.  They interfere with my birds getting the maximum from my backyard bird feeders.  I usually am seen doing whatever I can to scare them away…making hissing cat sounds, bruising my knuckles rapping on the windows, throwing water out on them…even vinegar!  HOWEVER, on a cold morning after days of rain and a snowy night, I do realize squirrels have to eat, too.  This morning, this little fellow captured my attention looking so cute up high on Mr. Mockingbird’s resident observation point in the holly tree.  Guess those berries looked enticing or was it that the chilly and wet snow had melted up there compared to his usual places of scampering along the ground or fence rows.  Whatever, he looks pretty cute!

I just hope I’m still watching when Mr. Mockingbird returns to HIS post!

THAT should be interesting!

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