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Strength Comes from Pruning

Ocracoke Island on the NC Outer Banks is one of my favorite places to visit, relaxing and commune with my Creator.  This old tree is on the lawn of the 1837 Wahab House and I feel a sense of calm and strength viewing it.  Since a child, I have been quite fond of Spanish Moss and, yet, my eyes are more drawn to the visible areas of healthy pruning.  I see nearly ten in this photo.  How about you?  (Click to enlarge photo.)  Thinking of this tree having lasted so many years near the power of the ocean, having weathered many storms – even very destructive hurricanes, and still it stands strong adding character and beauty to the village.  On my last visit during Thanksgiving 2010, while shooting this photo, I found myself thinking about just how much people and trees are alike.  Some, we admire for their strength and others for their beauty or their protection.  This Tree of Life certainly reminds me about some of us, as we age or experience health issues, get a pruning here and there which enables us to continue to grow, prosper and live.

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