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Such a Question From a 5 Year Old!

As my little 5 year-old granddaughter and I walked to my car after a fun swim, she called my name, “Grandma?”  I turned to look at her and saw her precious little figure, still dripping wet glistening in the bright sun.  Hair up in a sweet pony tail and a pink and white beach towel wrapped around her little body…”Grandma, do you forget your memories when you die?”  I asked her to repeat the question because I wasn’t quite certain I had understood her correctly.  “Do you forget your memories when you die?”

A few times in this longer than usual visit with my Florida family, she has asked me questions about dying as well as telling me that I am almost 100 years old, so I think her little mind sees me as fairly ANCIENT!

Wow!  What a question from such a little girl!  So as we gathered our “noodles, towels and snack bag” into the car, I considered her question.  Hmm…I had never really thought about MY memories when I die…I have always thought about the memories of others like my family.  In fact, I have thought about the great value of their memories of me and our time together here on earth especially since my breast cancer diagnosis, I have intentionally done my best to craft experiences hoping to create good and lasting memories with my loved ones.

Emma’s question created a whole new line of thinking for me.  God created us in love, to love and most of my favorite memories are ones sealed not only in my mind but my heart as well.  Why would He create us this way if not to carry those memories throughout Eternity?  “Well, Emma, I really don’t know for sure, but I think we still have our memories when we die and go to Heaven.  You know, when we die and go to Heaven , we are with God and the people who have loved us and have died and are already in Heaven are there to greet us when we arrive.  They are happy to see us and welcome us with open arms.  So that makes me think they still have their memories of when we were together in our earthly lives.”

“Oh,” she said.  “I was just wondering about that.”

Well, Emma, now Grandma is wondering about that, too, and I shall think about it often, I am sure.


  1. 8-25-2012

    How precious! She has such a great, inquisitive mind. I love your answer as well and you HAVE created AWESOME memories that I will cherish always. Love you!

    • 8-25-2012

      An YOU are such fun to create memories with, Robin!!

      • 9-15-2012

        That’s really thinking at an impesrisve level

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