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Sweet Sacred Inspiration

Whether it’s ringing in a New Year or celebrating a birthday or the anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis, any time of renewal brings me quickly to the deep gratitude for the gift of each new day and a recommitment to live my best life to the glory of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Of course, I fall short many days but it is a good road map toward the sincerest appreciation of all for which God has blessed me.

Today, I’ve thought a lot about a poem I wrote in the midst of my first year of my breast cancer journey in 1999…almost 17 years ago.  As we know, the life struggles we experience really do strengthen us and offer to us some valuable lessons in life that we might not have received were it not for those struggles.  Those boosts in strength and the lessons obtained enhance our days of living for certain.  Reflecting on what we gained through the struggle strengthens our renewal of life many years later.

Here’s my poem:

Sweet Sacred Inspiration

I walk through dark, deep water

Feeling the pull of the struggle

Knowing that time passes on.

My feet stumble in weakness as

My soul searches for sweet sacred inspiration.

I feel the rhythm of my heartbeat

Ripple through the water as I move forward

Seeking relief from the weight of suffering.

The journey teaches me determination as

My soul searches for this sweet sacred inspiration.

Days of the past capture my thoughts

My mind’s eye sees children playfully wading.

A child turns her face and I look into my own youthful eyes.

The pull of the struggle is revealed as the Guide.

Sweet Sacred Inspiration awaits me as I cross over to the other side.


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