Sometimes Humans Need to Lend a Hand

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Being the eternal animal lover that I am, I love it when I see a human being recognizing that sometimes one of our animal co-inhabitants might just need a human helping hand. Things happen.  Puppies fall in storm drains, cats climb too far up a tree, horses get stuck in big mud holes.  This time it’s ten baby ducks stuck in a public swimming pool.  A man steps in trying to corral them and I had no idea how fast those little webbed feet could paddle them away!  They swim to the other end of the pool where Mama Duck is standing alongside quacking away.  Be sure to click on Read More to see just how a human’s thought about what would seem “natural” to the wee ones and watch it happen.  I especially enjoyed watching how FAST they and Mama Duck leave the “dangerous” area!  Good for today’s chuckle!  Enjoy. Baby Ducks Rescued from Swimming...

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