God, I Need You Now

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At some point or another, most of us find ourselves along a journey where we might not be sure what our next step is, where we should go or exactly what we should do.  Some “times” can be so difficult and so challenging that we might feel absolutely swallowed up in the pain or angst.  Indeed, life can present us with some pretty unbearable circumstances and when those circumstances become ours, we struggle and, sometimes, find we have reached the end of our journey. We all most likely have friends, co-workers or neighbors who face these realities today.  Even the “faithful” find themselves as times wondering where God is in all this suffering and struggling.  Even for those who don’t know God I believe God is always there…hoping they will turn to him and open their hearts to His love.  Those of us that are parents, especially parents whose children are grown and don’t live with us anymore, we know how much we like hearing from them.  We also know how we long for a word from a child who is distant and doesn’t keep in touch much.  So I take my thoughts about where God is, when we are struggling the hardest, to that concept of parents wanting desperately to hear from our children.  I believe that God is no different. Imagine God, the Creator of the Universe, the Lover of our souls, seeing us struggle in pain and we have no relationship with Him.  He nudges us.  He calls out to us.  He speaks to us.  Yet, sometimes, we don’t hear, listen or we may be just too stubborn to recognize those attempts.  God is like a stalker…yes, I said God is like a stalker.  He’s everywhere.  There is no place we can go, that God is not there with us.  We try someplace new and guess what!  God arrived BEFORE we did.  He’s there and He is ready, hoping that we will turn to Him and say, “God, I need you now!” I don’t believe that God is interested in why we haven’t connected before.  Why we haven’t needed Him before.  Truth is, He already knows all that.  He knows EVERYTHING about us.  He just wants us.  So, like a stalker who just can’t help himself, God is not going to give up on us. God wants us…even when no one else does, God wants us.  God, the Creator of the Universe wants us.  Pure and simple. God wants us. God, I need you...

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