If We’re Lucky

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You know how good it feels to talk with someone who really listens, someone you know who truly cares for you and loves you?  We trust them with all our heart.  There are just a handful of those people in our lives…if we’re lucky. Sometimes we may become emotional sharing our deepest concerns…so our “listener” has to just give us time and wait.  And then, we can continue. God is this person for me.  It amazes me every time I turn to Him, I know we’re connected and He hears me.  Whether I am praying a prayer of Thanksgiving or sharing something that is concerning me, He listens to every word.  His presence listening to me actually comforts me in such a way that assures me, calms me and invites me to share more. Time and time again, mostly when I am wandering in the wilderness with despair or sorrow or sorting out a most difficult problem or decision to be made, I find that God is always there waiting for me to talk.  So, I talk.  God listens. I remind myself that God already knows everything so why do I share what’s going on in my life or the lives of people I love?  I pray because God is our Heavenly Father, the Creator of all that exists and in the scriptures He tells us He wants us to communicate with Him even for smallest things that are going on in our lives.  That’s why He is always there, always ready.  We are His beloved. Tonight, as I was talking with him about a friend’s illness. I had to apologize because I realized I got off topic and started thinking of something else.  He was still there waiting.  I chuckled because He knows what my mind is like.  😊 So, if you’re not really “into prayer” you might just give it a try.  You are God’s child so He’s there just hoping and waiting for you to acknowledge Him.  No need to worry about awkward language… just talk to Him like...

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