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The Gift of A Day

Our lives can get really busy with raising families, our careers, relationships, etc.  You know what I’m saying, I’m sure.

Most likely, like you, I’ve got friends and family that really struggle with illness and other extreme challenges.  We support them in various ways and they need it and TREASURE it.  I’ve said good-bye to some of my loved ones in the last year. Some were sudden and unexpected, while others moved toward end of life on earth in an open journey of which we were a part.  No matter how death comes, it catapults us into a surreal living of days, weeks, months.  We hurt.  We grieve.  And we still love.  It is the continuing of love that saves us, that eventually, draws our steps back into the reality of  our continuing lives.  Sometimes, maybe every time, we find ourselves asking…no, begging for just ONE MORE DAY.

Four years ago I spent the night in the Emergency Room having experienced an SVT, Supraventricular Tachycardia, which I learned could be fatal.  The doc had to give me a medicine to stop the irregular and run-away heartbeat…it was not pleasant and I had the symptoms of a heart attack for 3 seconds.  Whew, that was long enough!! Then, it went away and my heartbeat corrected.  I had to remain there for 4 hours for observation so I began reading a book I brought to the hospital with me.  The title was “30 Days to Live.”  A nurse came into the area I was in and saw the title and in a raised voice said, “You do NOT need to be reading a book like that right now!”  I said, “No, it’s a GOOD thing.”  Another nurse came in and Nurse No.1  said, “She shouldn’t be reading that book at a time like this, should she!”  Nurse No.2 said, “Oh, you’re reading “30 Days to Live!”  I LOVED that book.”

The book is about how we should live our lives as if we knew we only had 30 days to live.  Nurse No. 1 relaxed.

My post-breast cancer life motto is “Don’t Waste the Miracle!”  Even though I thought I had a pretty positive perspective on appreciation of each day, my breast cancer diagnosis gave me a renewed zest for living each day more fully and loving more deeply and for that I am so very thankful.  I’m committed to helping to raise awareness about early detection and its importance in treating breast cancer.  I have also committed to give thanks for every day I have on earth and listening to others and seeking ways to help and nurture those in need of it.  I intentionally work to build memories for my daughters, grandchildren, other family and friends.  

Living and loving intentionally is such an amazing gift to yourself really.  Even if it is just A GIFT of A Day.


  1. 6-21-2014

    Love it Pat! I will definitely read the book and there is another book that I love “stumbling on happiness” by Daniel Gilbert.
    Love you Pat you always inspire me with your marvelous testimony! ❤️

    • 7-8-2014

      Thank you, Maria. I think we both know our inspiration comes from God. Peace, dear one!

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