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The Hiding Place

Sometimes something just speaks to you and you know you will never forget it.  Tonight is one of those times.  My niece is back in the hospital for the third time in less than a month with viral meningitis.   A young wife,  mother of two precious daughters and friend to many, she needs to get well…soon.  Though I am her senior by nearly thirty years, we’re both techies.  This is a good thing. (Read my post The Value of Connections 11/18/2011.)  I went to Facebook to check her status to see if she had posted.  Then, I saw her post from earlier today “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow.  It empties today of its strength.”  WOW!!!!!  We’re both positive thinkers, share our faith with one another and years ago were very connected by the powerful Prayer of Jabez.  I decided I needed to know more about this quote.  This quote is by Corrie ten Boom, author of The Hiding Place.


In the 1940s, she and her family rescued and provided a safe haven from the Nazis for many Jewish folks.  They were very charitable Christian people who were part of the Dutch underground.  As word got out to other Jews of the “hiding place” the number they saved grew by leaps and bounds.  Food was very scarce for everyone but they shared what they had and other families shared theirs also.  Many, many Jews lived because of her courage and compassion.

Now, reading this quote about worry and how futile it is and how it drains the good right out of our minutes of life, the quote is even more powerful to me.  And here at Christmas time in our failing economy, each of us can in some way help to provide a “hiding place” to those who struggle and are hungry and, perhaps, feel alone.


Get well, Sally. 









  1. 12-7-2011

    Loved this! Corrie Ten Boom’s dear friend and personal assistant of many years, Ellen Stamps, is a friend of mine. You would love her book about life with Corrie! She and Corrie came down to Delray/Boynton and stayed with Mom’s good friend, Catherine Marshall LeSourd. I don’t remember Corrie from that time, but hearing about her and her amazing faith is always inspiring, and you feel like you know her from those stories!

    • 12-7-2011

      What a neat connection, Liz. Her life is, indeed, an inspirational one for us all to admire! Thanks for your comment. Come back and visit often!

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