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The New Commandment

I wonder if every generation as they age looks at the state of the world and thinks, perhaps, we are nearing the end times.

With the news here in our own country as well as around the world, it is disheartening to say the least as we watch reports on TV and read in the news.  When terrorists have become so barbaric in their attacking and killing which is extremely widespread and growing, some days it just seems too much to even inform ourselves.  Yet, I know we must, for if we are not informed, how can we stand in support of those being so persecuted and many times for their faith?

I recall in my days with our local United Way, when things were off track, when there was a community problem or people hurting, we would pull together people around the community table to determine what could be done to help.  We didn’t just pull together people of the same perspective, we wanted community decisions, so we endeavored to convene a group reflective of the community including the people in need.  Sometimes the solutions were costly and other times the “cost” was in the form of clearer communication, attitude adjustments, and strengthening relationships based on trust of all concerned.

But, terrorism really changes things.  Terrorists  are ruthless, cold-hearted and cold-blooded in their actions and resolve.  They are sinister…yes, evil!

Let’s change focus here a moment.  On the night before Christ was to be crucified, a VERY dark time, he gathered with His disciples for what we know today as the Last Supper.  They broke bread and shared wine and He told them He was going to be leaving them to go to the Father.  Christ, the King of Kings, then washed their feet…He became a servant.  Now on this final night before He was to be crucified, what one thing do you think he would say to them?  What would He leave them with before His departure?

In the Gospel of John, we learn that Christ chose to tell His disciples the New Commandment.  That one thing.  That all-important commandment that can change the world.  “A new commandment I give to you: Love one another.”  John 13:34




“As I have loved you, you must love one another.”

Whatever our foe is on any day or everyday…hatred, serious illness, violence in the home or community or world…I KNOW that love is stronger.

Many solutions or inventions come from asking one simple question…What If ?

What if… the entire world would choose LOVE?  Just imagine!!!


  1. 8-23-2014

    you need to have your “LIVING WITH A HOPEFUL HEART” articles published in newspapers as well. I am always inspired.

    • 8-23-2014

      Thank you, Patricia. I’m glad you visit & enjoy my site.

  2. 8-27-2014

    Love this! It is easy to feel hopeless and afraid when we see what is on the news, but this is a great reminder of the truth that love really is stronger. Thanks for posting!

    • 8-31-2014

      Allie, so glad you came to the site to visit. Praise God for the HOPE we have in Him! Love you!!

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