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The Nourishing Rain

Our little speck of earth here in NC surely needed some rain yesterday!  Though one of my rose bushes is lying on the ground now, I do give thanks for this nourishment from the Lord.  Those of us in a book study reading “One Thousand Gifts” are taking a new look a Grace and what God’s generosity in our lives really means to our earthly existence.  We’ve been discussing the daily gifts that so often go unrecognized and, of course, there’s been discussion on THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL, Jesus Christ himself.   Some of us have been much like ole Santa Claus in making our lists and checking them twice, thrice or a whole passle of times with joy renewed each time as we come to new realization of just how many gifts we receive EACH day!

How long has it been since you have INTENTIONALLY considered your gifts received?

After the rain yesterday, it seemed it had been declared the time for our feathered friends to primp and clean up a bit.  Fun to watch.  Some very comical poses for the watching camera.  I like this little male house finch taking advantage of the raindrops falling one at a time from leaves above and cleansing his pollen-ridden feathers.  Such a sight!

God, thank you for the gift of rain yesterday…and for the birds who thoroughly enjoyed it!

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