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The Warmth of Togetherness

“Birds of a feather flock together.” It’s more than an old proverb, it’s true!  We can learn so much from our feathered friends.  As I sit at work at my computer, my backyard birds alert me to approaching bad weather.  They all…many species at once, come to load up from my feeders to catch a bite or two before the hard rain or stormy weather arrives.  I sit and watch what seems like an air traffic control tower as they zoom in and out taking their turn.  I admit that I am amazed at how fast their fly-ins are and I have yet to see a collision!

I enjoy observing their behavior and especially when I see a pair huddling together to stay close.  During cold weather, birds will huddle together to stay warm and will even join others on a very cold night roosting together.  Birds are not that different from humans regarding survival techniques.  Like humans, birds shiver in extreme weather and moving their bodies’ muscles creates warmth.  They fluff their feathers which creates an “insulation” to protect their little bodies.

What a pretty and peaceful capture of these two house finches as they remain close.

Togetherness provides more than just physical warmth! 


  1. 1-11-2012

    And just like us, they wear down clothes! haha. this image makes me feel warm and cozy inside. xo, joa

    • 1-11-2012

      Got it! How can I love birds so much and be allergic to down? 🙂

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