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We All Have Our Song

Many admire the mockingbird; after all, he’s a thief of many other birds’ songs, so he offers us variety.  But whether you see yourself as a canary, a meadowlark or a crow, you , too, have a song.  Do you sing your song?  Whatever it is in your heart and soul that makes you YOU, whatever your passion is, that’s your song.  There are people around us everyday that are needing to hear our songs.  Do you sing yours?

If you think about it, many sectors of our society exist to help others recognize, value and develop their songs.  That’s what good teachers are about.  A good teacher sees a student struggling, perhaps dealing with self-doubt and finds a way to help that student get beyond that obstacle and recognize they matter and that they are rich with value and worth.

Friends and family…true friends stand by us through the most difficult days in our lives…sometimes days when we might just feel like giving up.  Friends and family are the people who know us and still want to be around us…even on these most difficult days.  They are the ones asking the questions, probing to get us beyond the blockade and to the light at the end of those tunnels we all seem to encounter from time to time.

My children will recall a needle point hanging over our kitchen table I made for my mother.  “A bell isn’t a bell until you ring it; a song isn’t a song until you sing it. The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, love isn’t love until you give it away.”  — Oscar Hammerstein II.

So when I captured this very common crow, high up on the very top of the tree, calling out his “song” with everything he had, it made me think about how birds seem to be sharing their songs with great vigor, but do we humans?


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