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What is Today’s Date?

Anytime I have something to mail, I drive up to the Jupiter Post Office having been significantly burned by the one here in Palm Beach Gardens.  The peace of mind is worth the travel time & gas.  Standing in line today to mail a letter with a little booklet I was sending a friend, an elderly gentleman…more elderly than I…approached me and asked, “What is today’s date?”  I guess I stared back at him like I would like to help this gentleman, but I don’t have any idea what the date is.  So, we both stood silent facing one another.

Then, it hit me that I could just look at my phone and it would tell me.  So, I said, “Sir, today is the 22nd of May.”  He smiled and walked away repeating it to himself…” the 22nd, the 22nd, the 22nd.”

I used to always wear a watch…was never without one.  Now, that I am retired and my time REALLY is my own, I never wear one.  And most days I get where I need to be on time…that is IF there is anywhere I need to be at a specific time.  I mean the ocean is always ready to accept me for a visit, the herons and egrets and anhingas are always near their nest and caring for their young.  I walk a wonderful old, arthritic yellow lab for a client and my phone sounds an alarm one hour before I shoud be there followed by another alarm in 30 minutes.  Works well.  I wouldn’t want to miss a single day without seeing sweet Stanford.  He’s such a sweetheart.

So later today I was thinking, “OK, is this Friday or is it Saturday?”  I was prepared to bet on it being Friday, but just in case, I pulled my phone out and checked my calendar.  I was right that today is Friday.  I am amazed at all the ways my phone can assist me.  It’s really so much more than a phone.

The big thing it cannot help me with is finding my glasses…the no rim glasses that are hardly visible anywhere.  

C’est la vie in the fast lane!!

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