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White Ibis

The White Ibis is a large shorebird in lower coastal areas preferring marshes as its main habitat.  Fully white feathered bird except for black wing tips usually not visible except in flight or stretching its wingspan.  The striking appearance of a pink face, bill and legs changes to bright orangey-red during breeding seasons.  In Florida, the ibis are quite plentiful being in the Least Concern category of conservation listings.

The ibis are beautiful and graceful in flight take-off and landing as if gliding onto a runway.

These large birds roost in trees at night which is a bit unusual to see for the first time.  They build their nests in trees as well.

Still being a new-comer to Florida, I get a charge approaching a traffic light when I see a small congregation of Ibis on the grassy corners foraging for insects.

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